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Thank you Sheril for your balanced analysis.😊👍👏🌷🙏

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“Republicans and Democrats are more focused on fighting each other than on solving problems.”

Wasn't that part of the original design? "That government is best that governs least!" ?? :-)

" “Boring” stuff that keeps the nation going happens all the time. We just rarely hear about it."

So then how are we to really judge the quality and quantity of their work, vs. our preferences and expectations? And vs. what they said on the campaign trail?

They might fill in more of what they do via some periodic newsletter/ report but that also comes across more often than not as campaigning between elections. Perhaps more trips home and more public awareness meetings around their districts (some are rather large) would help?

If I want to stay abreast of what my reps in Congress are doing, I suspect it might be better to establish an email relationship with one of their staffers to (respectfully) exchange and request information. Hopefully better than just getting a "thank you for your letter" letter. Any suggestions on what level of staffer, their title, duties, etc. who might be the best person to fill this role? Or the likelihood that they would be able or willing to cooperate in that way?

Thanks again for providing this kind of insight via your Substack.

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So, it might be a good thing if we can't name our full Congressional Representation. (Rep. Lofgren, Sen. Bonta and whoever it was that Newsom appointed to fill out the rest of Sen. Feiinstein's term).

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